Lorena & Christian

Lorena & Christian contacted us from cologne to hire us to organize their dream wedding on Mallorca. The island was the perfect place for their guests, who travelled from all over the world. Soon we had a date and place for the wedding and it was clear that we needed a special venue at the sea for the ceremony.

Free ceremony at the sea of Mallorca

Their ceremony was exactly as many couples wish theirs to be: On the cliffs above the sea with beautiful sunshine. The wedding finca is seperated from the sea through a slim path and is therefore ideal for a spectacular wedding at the sea.

Lorena and Christian sat underneath a simple wedding arch during the ceremony. The guests were placed on the cliffs and like that, the wedding was something special for everybody.

Wedding finca Mallorca

Afterwards the guests went to a beautiful finca near to Manacor. Here it is possible to party outside until the late night because there are no noise prevention demands here, which was very important to the bridal couple.

The Dinner was served underneath a sea of lights in form of an ease BBQ.

As highlight of the evening, we as wedding planners surprised the guests with a spectacular fireshow.

The magical mix of lights and flowers, just as a romantic decor made out of roses and candles, created an idyllic atmosphere. Family and friends helped with the last steps to enable the perfect wedding on Mallorca for both, Lorena and Christian.

We are grateful to share some impressions with you.

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