Alina & Andreas

There are couples where you can tell that every fibre of their bodies is full of love for their partners. There are couples that you look at and know: this is love, this is intimacy.

That is with Alina and Andreas.

The ceremony took place at a private finca in Portocolom. Wonderful wedding pictures were taken at the bay and the surrounding cliffs. The festivities were accompanied by touching live-music of violins and singing.

Afterwards the wedding company went to a private finca in Algaida. The guestes were served delicious Canapés and BBQ. At the sofa lounge it was possible to take a time out and relax.

Alina and Andreas celebrated their special day only with family and closest friends. It was a beautiful and emotional day for every attendee.

Be entchanted by the fotos of Selia Zingale.