A proposal on the beach

The many small bays of Mallorca are unique. Every in their own kind of way. Perfect to experience special moments with special people.

A few weeks ago the young entrepreneur Ben contacted us. He would like to propose to his sweetheart here on the island. The holidays on Mallorca were already booked, he assured us. But two days longer than his future wife was expecting – after all it should be a surprise.

Ben and Lina are a couple for more than two years. Now he wants to take the next step but he is missing an idea fort he perfect proposal.

It should take place on the beach, that is for sure.

We suggest him to book a room at the hotel Cal Reiet in Portocolom. Because not too far away there is a small, unknown bay. Here you are meeting almost exclusively locals, who are enjoying their life with wine and dancing. Sometimes a few tourists get lost there for a romantic picnic on the beach. The path to the bay is not that uncomplicated and a bit climbing is necessary as well. But to Benedikt it is worth it – for the perfect proposal.

On monday morning Dana’s phone is ringing. It is a visible nervous Ben, who is asking if everything is prepared for the evening. We assure him to be excellently prepared and explain how to get to the bay. From now on the phone rings hourly. „Where do I have to park again?“ „Could you get non-alcoholic sparkling wine?“ „We need salt sticks. Lina loves salt sticks!“

„And chips!“

Ben gets more nervous from hour to hour.

In the afternoon we are packing everything that belongs to a romantic proposal on the beach into our Mini. Pillows, blankets, torches, table lanterns, candles, lanterns, two small tables, flowers, a vase and much more. With a fully packed car we are driving from Palma to Portocolom und start with the assembling. But first we have to get the stuff down to the beach. Not that easy.

Shortly before nine o’clock we are done and proudly look at what we have created. On the beach are sitting a German family, a group of young Spanish and four dogs are playing in the sand. Not exactly what we have imagined and the couple will soon be here. What do we do now? Politely we divulge all those presents and ask them to behave discreet. What is happening now is unbelievable. The German family takes it stuf fand hides away in a huge bush, so do the Spanish. And even the dogs notice that something is happening and follow them.

Because we wanted to make sure that Ben finds the way to the bay in spite of his excitement, we are placing our Julia as decoy at the blue Mini with colognian liscense plate, so Ben knows where to park. When Ben and Lina arrived a message was sent down to the bay. Here we go!

Down the bay everyone is dancing nervously behind the bushes. „They are coming!“ Dana whispers as she sees the couple coming down the cliffs, followed by Julia. Everyone is as quiet as they can be. Julia hides behind the bushes. No yoga course for miles around. Ben leads Lina tot he beautifully decorated place. They sit down and Ben opens up a bottle of sparkling wine. Everyone is waiting with rapt attention and is trying to watch the couple without getting caught. Even the dogs can feel the nervosity oft he presents, thats is for sure.

The couple begins to dance to lively music of Eva Cassidy. Suddenly he gets on his knees and what is next ist hat they both hug happily. A cheering goes around the whole beach. Everyone is clapping and shouting. „She said yes!“ Ben shouts in the direction of the bushes. The euphoria und excitement of the people in that moment is all over the beach. A magical moment.

The freshly engaged couple still sits on the now empty beach for a while and enjoy their togetherness. With the beginning oft he dawn they are saying goodbye and thanking us from the bottoms of their hearts. Ben and Lina are looking forward to their wedding on Mallorca next summer.