Dana Freyberg

For the lucky few planning is a cake-walk. Some people were born with the ability for never missing a meeting, never ending up being too late and never forgetting to answer a message.
Fortunately, Dana is one of them. Even before she ended up doing weddings her road was always paved with success. Her high-flying and ambitious character always left something good behind.

As she finally came into the world of weddings she had a lot of passions which came along. Luckily she had the chance to combine them with her work as a wedding planner on Mallorca. Besides her great work she is an excellent master of ceremony and singer, too. Two years ago she moved to Palma and started living her dream. Those passions she brings, are reflected in her amazing work as a wedding planner.

During the planning period and of course at the day of your wedding she will be crises-management, hanky-hand, Survey-Saver, coax, all-the-time-stylist, listener and decision maker. Trust me if I say:
That’s exactly what you need at the day of your wedding. You will appreciate having someone by your side who vanishes problems into thin air.

It is not exaggerated if you say that Dana makes a wedding planning looking easy. There a many reasons for that. Some may be her endless list of contacts on the islands and some, of course, will be found in her character.

Those who are lucky enough to work with Dana, will not only get rewarded by an unique and wonderful wedding but with memories for a lifetime. The team is creating a whole new concept for each wedding to make sure each wedding will be inimitable.

The work of Dana and her team includes not only everything you need and wish for a perfect wedding but it is also a truly act of love which you will never ever forget about.